Sakset/Fra hofta

Radovan Karadzic ble tatt etter tips fra en utenlandsk etterretningstjeneste, sier en serbisk politikilde. Det å ha Karadzic boende i Beograd ble for mye for regjeringen. Det er ikke mange år siden Ratko Mladic bodde i Beograd, på statens regning.

Serbian President Boris Tadic’s office said Karadzic, 63, was arrested «in an action by the Serbian security services.»

A Serbian police source, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to talk to the media, said Karadzic was seized in raid in a Belgrade suburb after weeks of surveillance of his safe house and a tip from a foreign intelligence service.

But Karadzic’s attorney said the arrest occurred Friday on a bus. «He just said that these people showed him a police badge and than he was taken to some place and kept in the room. And that is absolutely against the law what they did,» Sveta Vujacic told AP Television News.

Extradition to UN tribunal looms for Karadzic