Sakset/Fra hofta

Norske medier har fremstilt det som at Hamas ble provosert til å aksjonere. I virkeligheten kan det ha vært en nøye planlagt maktovertagelse, og metodene var ikke «ville», men typiske.

A meticulous plan, drawn up by Hamas, the Islamic resistance movement, with tactical guidance from their Iranian mentors, was being put into action, and to devastating effect.

It was designed to defeat, once and for all, Fatah, the secular Palestinian nationalist party that talked peace with Israel. And it worked with lightning speed in a fratricidal three-day war in which at least 116 people died.

Det er vanskelig å forstå at de samme menneskene som hadde sympati for Yasser Arafat, nå kunne se rolig på at maskerte menn trampet på bildet av ham. Det er det islamismen handler om. I stedet snakker norske forskere og politikere fortsatt om de moderate innen Hamas, som måtte vike plassen fordi Vesten ikke hadde vært forståelsesfull nok. Moderat betyr noe helt annet i en islamistisk sammenheng enn i en vestlig-demokratisk.

Hamas’ norske forsvarere fortsetter å terpe på at de er demokratisk valgt. Men glemmer at Hamas mener noe helt annet med demokrati. De demonstrerte hvordan de løser politiske motsetninger da de stormet Fatahs sikkerhetshovedkvarter torsdag:

Kaldt blod

Inside the security headquarters, Abu Fadi, a Fatah intelligence officer, could hear what was happening to his colleagues. Their masked attackers had sprinted in, heedless of casualties. Their doors had been kicked down and they had been dragged outside, their arms flailing in gestures imploring mercy.

Then the black-masked gunmen bowed their heads to the dust in prayer and separated those of their foes who might live from those about to die.

The victims were killed immediately, some in front of their wives and children, said a Palestinian witness hiding in a building overlooking the scene.

The witness, who gave his name only as Amjad, got on the phone to a local reporter in Gaza and told him: «They are executing them one by one.»

As he watched, he described what was happening. «They are carrying one of them on their shoulders . . . putting him on a sand dune . . . turning him around – and shooting.»

The testimony, direct from an Arab source, is crucial to refuting Hamas claims that its fighters killed only in hot blood.

Now those zealots – many just back, armed and trained, from Iran, were at Fadi’s door to wreak vengeance on him.

It was when he heard the Hamas battle cry – Allahu akbar! (God is the greatest!) – that Fadi realised it was all over. He grabbed his service handgun and escaped through a secret exit door. He ran for his life to the beach. A fisherman’s boat was waiting for him.

Not all his colleagues were so lucky. Minutes later the first Hamas hand grenade exploded in Fadi’s office. Dozens of fighters, with gleaming new weapons, ran wild through the building.

Amid the chaos, a Hamas man grabbed a laptop computer and ran a name search while the grenades were still exploding. When he found the people he was looking for they were handcuffed and taken away.

Soon after, bursts of AK47 fire were heard. The officials were shot dead at point blank range and thrown into an alley. Several hours later their families found their bodies – some mutilated – in the nearby morgue.

By late on Thursday, the green flag of Hamas flew from the building that had once been visited regularly by liaison officers from MI6 and the CIA.

As dusk fell over the Gaza Strip, its teeming refugee camps and its tenements housing 1.4m Palestinians, Hamas’s spokesman, Islam Shahawan, proclaimed: «The era of justice and Islamic rule has arrived.»

For the Palestinians, the «two-state solution», so often talked of as a solution to their entanglement with Israel, had arrived in brutally unexpected form.

Det ble en to-statsløsning, men i en helt uventet form. Historien er ironisk på en brutal måte.


Saeb Erekat sa til Wolf Blitzer ikveld at situasjonen for palestinerne er den verste siden 1948. Utenlandske krefter trekker i trådene. Palestinerne er blitt kasteballer, sa Erekat, og viste til både Gaza og Nahr al-Bared i Nord-Libanon.

Til alle norske som gjentar og gjentar at Gaza er et fengsel hvor Israel sitter med bukten og begge endene: Israel har har ikke lenger kontroll over grensen til Egypt, og penger og våpen flyter uhindret. Erekat stilte også spørsmålet: Gaza er fattig, hvor kommer alle pengene og våpnene fra som Hamas hadde?

Since its withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, Israel has lost control of the southern border separating Gaza from Egypt. As a result, tons of explosives and arms have been smuggled in. «We even know about Iranian instructors who’ve arrived in Gaza,» said the commander of the southern sector, Brigadier-General Aluf Yoav Galant.

Palestinian security sources claim that hundreds of Hamas militants returned recently from weeks of training in Iran. «They left Gaza for Cairo, then flew to Tehran without anyone to stop them,» said a Palestinian official.

A warren of tenement flats, camps and shanty towns strung among the desert sands along the coast, Gaza is a perfect laboratory for the street fighting skills that Iran perfected in the ruins of Khorramshahr and Abadan during its own war against Iraq.

Israeli military intelligence says Gaza’s 115 square miles have been turned into a giant arms warehouse, honeycombed with strongpoints, booby traps and tunnels.

Alle forutsetningene det norske Midtøsten-bildet bygger på, ble veltet i løpet av noen dager. Teppet ble revet vekk under bena til norsk utenriksledelse. Det eneste som gjenstår nå er å gå i forbønn for humanitær bistand, og det er allerede igang.

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