Ett resultat av opprullingen av terrorceller i Storbritannia som Al Qaida står bak, kan bli at visumfriheten til USA går fløyten. USA følger intenst med og vurderer situasjonen fortløpende.

– Home-grown British terrorists regard themselves as part of «global insurgency» which poses a new threat to international security, said an official US report published yesterday. British intelligence chiefs have confirmed to The Times that they are worried by the prospect of the next attack in America being committed by a UK citizen arriving without hindrance in the US on the visa-waiver programme. They are liasing with the FBI to identify possible suspects.

Hvis scenariet med en britisk borger slår til, må man regne med at det også vil ramme andre europeiske land, som Norge.

Det er det amerikanske utenriksdepartementet som i sin årsrapport ser konturene av at Al Qaida har skiftet taktikk i retning av en global geriljakrig.

State Department report referred to the plot to blow up airliners travelling between Britain and America. It stated: «Co-operation in derailing the transatlantic terror plot was evidence of the ability of the two governments to work together in real time to avert loss of life.» The report also quoted Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the head of MI5, who made the «stark assessment» that there were 200 known terror networks in Britain, 1,699 individuals and 30 terror plots. It said: «The British Government viewed radicalisation of young people in the UK and elsewhere … as a growing threat to international and British security.»

The report said that there is evidence that al-Qaeda is shifting to «guerrilla terrorism», through which it seeks to «manipulate and exploit grievances in at-risk populations». It added: «A deeper trend is the shift in the nature of terrorism, from traditional international terrorism of the late 20th century into a form of transnational non-state warfare that resembles of form of global insurgency.»

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