Rike pakistanske forretningsmenn i London donerer store summer til de kashmirske «frigjøringsbevegelsene». India overleverte for tre år siden en liste over 12 navn til britene. Ingenting har skjedd. Dette sa statsminister Manomanh Singh under G-8 møtet i St.Petersburg, til Blairs store forlegenhet.

India mener at finansieringen av Mumbai-bombene kom fra Storbritannia. De som utførte de sju ulike bombeangrepene, kom fra treningsleire i Bangladesh. Al Qaida-lignende grupper har opprettet 13 treningsleire på grensen til India. Sikkerhetskilder har lenge advart mot angrep i India.

SOME of the main fundraisers for the terror group suspected of masterminding the Bombay train bombings are operating from Britain, according to Indian intelligence officials.
The officials accuse Britain of failing to act against a number of wealthy businessmen, who they claim are using bogus charities to funnel up to £8 million a year to Kashmiri militants groups, such as Lashkar-e-Taiba, which remains the main suspect for orchestrating the synchronised bombings that killed 182 people.

Manmohan Singh, the Indian Prime Minister, raised the terror link with Tony Blair at the G8 summit in St Petersburg yesterday, reminding him that India handed over a detailed dossier three years ago identifying 14 men living in Britain and was assured the suspects would be investigated.

«Since then nothing has been done, and the money still coming from Britain helps to pay for the terrorist camps where we believe the bombers were trained and this atrocity was planned,» a senior Indian security official said last night.

Gordon Brown pledged that the Treasury would use new laws to shut down terrorist fundraising and ordered that the bank accounts of 54 organisations be frozen, although records show that last year Whitehall only recovered £9,318.

«Britain talks about the need for all nations to get tough together, but more money comes from the UK to Kashmiri terror groups than any other country,» the official added.

One of those identified in the dossier is reported to be a Pakistan-born multimillionaire businessman who owns at least two luxury homes in London.

Professor Paul Wilkinson, of the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St Andrews, said: «It is very sad the figure for the money still flowing to the likes of Lashkar has not been substantially reduced by now. It is difficult to track the money trail, but we should put more resources to doing so.»


The funding from overseas has helped terror groups to set up a string of new training camps in Bangladesh, close to the border with India.

Al-Qaeda-trained militants are reportedly running up to 13 camps, and MI6 and other Western intelligence agencies have been monitoring the traffic of young recruits to these centres including a number of volunteers based in Britain.

British security agencies had been warning that groups closely linked to al-Qaeda were planning to stage bomb attacks in India, using local sym- pathisers to carry out their operation.

Scores of Indian-based militants are alleged to have attended the al-Qaeda run camps near Bandarban and Chittagong. Security chiefs believe that the mastermind behind the bombing on seven commuter trains used one of these camps in Bangladesh to finalise plans for the attack.

Train bombers ‘funded by British businessmen’From Daniel McGrory in Bombay
Indian officials claim that bogus charities are sending £8m to Kashmiri terror groups

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