Revi­sjo­nis­ter i Ves­ten og isla­mis­ter er blitt sam­ar­beids­part­nere.

Mean­while, Holo­caust-deni­ers from the West play a key role in attempts by Iran to cast doubts on the veracity of the Holo­caust, accor­ding to docu­ments that have appea­red on an Inter­net site.

The docu­ments reveal Ira­ni­ans have con­sulted with well-known Holo­caust-deni­ers from Western countries as part of the Ira­nian ini­tia­tive to hold a con­fe­rence about the Holo­caust.

The docu­ments were pub­lis­hed on an Inter­net site involved in Holo­caust denial and reached scholars at the Step­hen Roth Insti­tute for the Study of Con­tem­po­rary Anti-Semi­tism at Tel Aviv Uni­ver­sity.

On January 15, the Ira­nian News Agency announ­ced it was going to con­vene a “scien­ti­fic con­fe­rence” on the Holo­caust. A month before, French Holo­caust-denier Prof. Robert Fau­ris­son rece­i­ved a request regar­ding the 
con­fe­rence from Dr. Jawad Sharbaf, head of the Neda Insti­tute of Poli­ti­cal Scien­ces, Teh­ran.


In the let­ter, which opens by expres­sing regret over the Uni­ted Nations 
reso­lu­tion to estab­lish an inter­na­tio­nal Holo­caust Day, Sharbaf wri­tes that the recent state­ments by Ira­nian Pre­si­dent Mahmoud Ahma­dine­jad about the Holo­caust had created the right con­ditions to raise the sub­ject in Iran. “Our assump­tion for the time being is that the pre­si­dent will undoubtedly do his best if you make con­tact and request assi­stance for orga­ni­zing an inter­na­tio­nal con­fe­rence,” Sharbaf wrote.

Iran pled­ges to finance Hamas-led Pale­sti­nian govern­ment

In his response, Fau­ris­son wrote that the scien­ti­fic con­fe­rence was
imprac­ti­cal, 2_kom­men­tarly because many of his colle­agues are “eit­her in pri­son, in exile or in a preca­rious situa­tion that for­bids them from crossing natio­nal bor­ders.”

Fau­ris­son added that “in accord with an idea put forth by Prof. Arthur Robert Butz [a Holo­caust-denier from Nort­hwestern Uni­ver­sity in the U.S.], I shall say we hope to see Pre­si­dent Ahma­dine­jad create in Iran an inter­na­tio­nal cen­ter for revi­sio­nist stu­dies.”

Fau­ris­son praised Ahma­dine­jad and added a request “that Iran make repeated appeals to the Western world for the free­ing of our pri­so­ners of con­science,” refer­ring to his colle­agues con­victed of deny­ing the Holo­caust.

Fau­ris­son, 76, is con­side­red the most pro­mi­nent Holo­caust-denier in Europe and is very much in demand by the Ira­nian media. Last Novem­ber he gave an inter­view to an Eng­lish-lan­guage Ira­nian new­spa­per, the Teh­ran Times, where he was quoted as say­ing that the more the West belie­ves in the Holo­caust, the more Mus­lims will be kil­led in Pale­stine, Iraq and Afgha­ni­stan.

Accor­ding to the head of the Roth Insti­tute, Prof. Dina Porat, in recent years soli­darity between Holo­caust-deni­ers and extre­mist Mus­lims has increased. 

Since the law has begun to be enfor­ced regar­ding Holo­caust-deni­ers, they 
often speak of the ‘com­mon fate of the perse­cuted,’ which they feel they share with radi­cal Mus­lims,” Porat said.

Prof. David Menas­hri, head of Tel Aviv University’s Cen­ter for Ira­nian
Stu­dies, said Holo­caust-deni­ers had in recent years begun to feel at home with the heads of the Ira­nian regime. Menas­hri said this was espec­ially true with regard to Roger Garoudi, who was invited to Iran in 1998, shortly after he was con­victed of deny­ing the Holo­caust by a French court. Ahma­dine­jad repre­sents the new gene­ra­tion of Ira­ni­ans who have been edu­cated on the theory of Holo­caust denial, Menas­hri said.

Ken­neth Jacob­son, assi­stant natio­nal direc­tor of the Anti-Defa­ma­tion League, said adop­ting the the­ories of Holo­caust denial of Western scholars is a rela­tively new phe­n­ome­non in the Mus­lim world. The accep­ted atti­tude had been to say that whe­reas it was true the Holo­caust had taken place, the Pale­sti­ni­ans should not have to pay the price. A look at Ahmadinejad’s state­ments shows he has mixed the two approa­ches, Jacob­son added. 

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