Ramzi Mohammed er mannen som er avbildet i full fart på flukt fra medpassasjerer, etter at han prøvde å sprenge dem i luften på Oval-stajonen. Han ble arrestert i London fredag. Et stykke unna ble broren Wahbi (22) tatt av politiet. Begge var medlemmer av den ekstreme organisasjonen al-Muhajiroun, og mobbet imamen i den lokale moskeen, fordi han sa terrorisme var uforenlig med islam.

Ahmed Dahdouh, the imam of the mosque, said the Mohammed brothers were known for their radicalism. He said he was abused by them on several occasions. They called him an «infidel» and «apostate».

«Ramzi and his brother used to come here in the mosque. There were four or five of them in the group. They caused a lot of trouble,» said Dahdouh.

«They used to pray on their own as they used to think we were not proper Muslims.

«In one of my Friday sermons I once said that Islam forbids terrorism.

«I recall Ramzi later came up to me and told me, ‘Why did you say that? It’s wrong.’

» He was angry with me. He tried to get me sacked because I disagreed with them.»

To interessante trekk:

The brothers, who wore white Muslim robes, ran a stall in Golborne Road, Notting Hill, distributing Islamic books and pamphlets.

For omgivelsene er det ikke mulig å forestille seg at dette var terrorister. De var hyggelige gutter som hjalp fulle folk.

A fellow Muslim trader said: «I know Wahbi and Ramzi — it’s not the sort of thing you’d expect from them. Wahbi wears glasses, he had a stall here and would talk to people about Islam.
«He’s an extremely nice, peaceful man. He talks to people about Islam in a nice way. He would talk to all sorts of people about Islam.»

Bombing suspect tried to have moderate imam sacked