FBI Director Christopher Wray. Photo: Jim Watson via AP / NTB scanpix

Christopher Wray assumed office as the eighth director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on August 2, 2017. He was preceded by the odious coup-plotter James Comey. We must now come to grips with the likelihood that Wray is worse for the country than Comey.

The old adage that «the cover-up is worse than the crime» is applicable here.

Comey’s plot was seditious. Wray’s conspiracy runs deeper. He adopted the wrongdoing of Comey and talked it away in Washingtonian passive voice: «mistakes were made.»

Wray engaged in a program of damage control and institutional preservation for the disgraced FBI. He did not clean house and reform. Wray is acting as a legal obstructionist, fighting tooth and nail to keep the full story of the corrupt «Crossfire Hurricane» investigation of President Trump and his associates from the American people. FISA warrants are phonied-up and courts lied to repeatedly? Oh, that’s a «training» problem.

In the past few days, the New York Post broke stunning news (actively suppressed by social media) that former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, left three water-damaged laptops with a Delaware computer repair company that contained a wealth of damning information concerning the Democratic presidential nominee. Information on Ukraine and Bursima (the corrupt energy company).

Not just embarrassing or awkward information — no, this is the sort of information that results in criminal indictments. Hunter appears to have explicitly leveraged his father’s position as Vice President — and that there was «consideration» planned for the «Big Guy.»

It seems as if Joe Biden knew or should have known what was going on.

The NY Post reported that Hunter Biden introduced his father, the sitting vice president, to a top Burisma executive (Vadym Pozharskyi) who appears to have sent an email of thanks to Hunter Biden for the «opportunity» to meet his father. The email was dated April 17, 2015.

Here is how President Trump describes it:

«Hunter Biden’s laptop is a disaster for the entire Biden family, but especially for his father, Joe. It is now a proven fact, and cannot be denied, that all of that info is the REAL DEAL.»

Additional reporting reveals that the FBI had copies of the Hunter Biden laptops hard drives in November 2019 and then took physical custody of the devices in December 2019.

November and December 2019? That was when President Trump was being impeached. What did Director Wray know and when did he know it? Did Wray allow the impeachment charade to go on while knowing that the exact opposite of what was being claimed against President Trump was, in fact, the truth?

On November 13, 2019, public impeachment hearings began in the U.S. House Intelligence Committee. President Trump was impeached on two counts on December 18, 2019. All of this phony «whistleblower» Ukraine hysteria is going on and Wray does nothing? To the «fair of heart and mind,» we can assure you that the FBI director would have been personally briefed on developments in a case involving the former VP.

Let us be very clear: Wray has an affirmative obligation to come forward with credible derogatory information and conduct appropriate investigations when presented with evidence.

Even Comey did that. It now appears he stood on the sidelines and watched President Trump go through impeachment unjustly, while having credible reason to believe that Vice President Biden had actually done all of the very things Trump was falsely accused of doing. Wray had a legal obligation to tell the Attorney General, the President and the Congress. He had a moral obligation to tell the American people.

Comey told the American public about Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Where is Wray’s announcement about the Hunter Biden laptops? Where is AG Barr’s appointment of a Special Counsel?

Wray’s record of non-performance was bad enough. Wray could not see the gross political bias in the FBI. He does not see voter fraud. Wray covers-up for corrupt FBI agents. He claims the violent domestic terrorist group Antifa is more of an ideology. These are astounding denials of documented facts.

Here is the bigger question concerning FBI Director Wray: What is going on within the FBI about which we have no idea? One is left to imagine the once vaunted Bureau as nothing but a rat’s nest of corruption populated by either political schemers or careerist ostriches obsessed with their pensions and post-retirement, FBI-referred jobs.

You can bet «official Washington» has fought tooth and nail to keep all of the incidents discussed in this column under wraps. Lawsuits, congressional hearings, inspector general reports, and special prosecutors have not successfully unearthed all the details. The press reports are good, but there are still some murky details and imprecision concerning the basic interrogatives.

People such as Comey and Wray are toxic to the republic. They destroy what is left of the constitution. They poison the American body politic. The only way to arrest the malignant cancer they represent is through criminal prosecutions. This, of course, is another reason why this election is so important. The choice for the future (and any semblance of restored justice) is very clear.

Chris Farrell is a former counterintelligence case officer. For the past 20 years, he has served as the Director of Investigations & Research for Judicial Watch. The views expressed are the author’s alone, and not necessarily those of Judicial Watch.


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