Parlamentet godkjente onsdag med overveldende flertall Theresa Mays plan for å iverksette Brexit. Motstandernes håp om å reversere folkeavstemningen slår ikke til.

MPs have voted by a majority of 384 to allow Theresa May to get Brexit negotiations under way.

They backed the government’s European Union Bill, supported by the Labour leadership, by 498 votes to 114.

But the Scottish National Party and the Liberal Democrat leadership opposed the bill, while 47 Labour MPs and Tory ex-chancellor Ken Clarke rebelled.

The bill now faces further scrutiny in the Commons and the House of Lords before it can become law.

The prime minister has set a deadline of 31 March for invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, getting official talks with the EU started.

Planen skal også godkjennes i House of Lords. Det kommer de til å si ja til, vel vitende om at hvis de stanser Brexit så vil neste folkeavstemning bli å kvitte seg med House of Lords.