Ryktene vil ha det til at den eneste Paris-terroristen på frifot, Salah Abdeslam, ble sett på flere av Brussels gay-barer i oktober. Med tanke på hva de gjorde mot Bataclan-konserten er det nok til å sette en støkk i the gay scene. Var han på rekognosering?



«It’s worrying,» said Dimitri, a civil servant who late on Friday night was in one of the bars in the Saint-Jacques area near the picturesque Grande Place. «It could be completely false but if was here you have to ask what he was doing.»

Salah Abdeslam, 26, is the target of a massive manhunt n Belgium after he was spotted returning to the country after the Friday 13 attacks in Paris. His brother Brahim blew himself up outside a Paris café.

Security services have reportedly scoured hours of CCTV footage taken from bars in the Brussels gay area, where on Friday night the bars and their terraces on the streets outside were packed with customers.

Police are trying to determine if he was looking for a target or had visited the bars to try and to steal people’s Identity papers when he reportedly visited the area late last month.