MEMRI har igjen vist en preken av en imam som appellerer til jihad mot jødene. Det er ingen tvil om at han oppfordrer til massedrap på jøder. Hvordan skal ellers muslimene kunne forrette kveldsbønnen i Tel Aviv?

Men disse tonene kommer ikke bare fra Gaza, de kommer også fra moskeer i Europa. Nylig var det en imam i Vollsmose i Odense som sa akkurat det samme.

Men Europa later som om det er langt unna.

Muhammad Abu Sa’da: «The Al-Aqsa Mosque is expecting our mujahideen and martyrdom-seekers. The Al-Aqsa Mosque is waiting. Know that even thought the occupiers have defiled the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the heroes of Gaza are making preparations, and they are digging tunnels that will enable them to reach Al-Aqsa. One day, they will emerge in the courtyards, the squares, the streets, and alleys [of Jerusalem], proclaiming ‘Allah Akbar,’ and they will issue a call to arms against the brothers of apes and pigs.

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«Al-Aqsa expects the heroes of the West Bank to launch Jihad, and to kill all the settlers and all the traitors they come across. Al-Aqsa expects heroes.


«We shall emerge victorious, Allah willing, because Allah is with us, because it was promised by the Prophet Muhammad, and because there are mujahideen, murabitun, and martyrdom-seekers among us. We shall emerge victorious, Allah willing, because we have among us people who don explosives belts, awaiting their journey to Paradise, to meet the Prophet Muhammad and his Companions. With all those, we shall emerge victorious, Allah willing.


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«We await a decision of our leader, who will say to us: ‘You will all be praying your afternoon prayer in Tel Aviv, Allah willing.’ We shall emerge victorious, and by Allah, I see that moment is imminent.»



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