Siden Oslo-avtalen i 1993 har Fatah og de sekulære kreftene moderert språkbruken om jødene. Hamas har gjort det motsatte, siden de tok makten alene i juni fjor har de intensivert jødehatet. Israel skal utslettes, og jøder er islams fiende. Det påstås også at Holocaust ligger foran jødene, ikke bak.

Jøder omtales konsekvent som «aper og griser», og nå er også en annen folkegruppe blitt innlemmet blant hatobjektene, dansker.

At Al Omari mosque, the imam cursed the Jews and the «Crusaders,» or Christians, and the Danes, for reprinting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. He referred to Jews as «the brothers of apes and pigs,» while the Hamas television station, Al Aksa, praises suicide bombing and holy war until Palestine is free of Jewish control.

Observatører sammenligner med Hizbollah og Al Manar TV. Propagandaen er blitt mer systematisert, sofistikert og giftig – og bredere: Fanatismen drilles inn i de unge fra mange kanter – fra fredagsbønnen til barne-TV. Hva blir de langsiktige virkningene av denne hjernevasken? Selv foreldre er bekymret for ungene sine.

«If you take a sample on Friday, you’re bound to hear incitement against the Jews in the prayers and the imam’s sermon,» said Mkhaimer Abusada, a political scientist at Al Azhar University here. «He uses verses from the Koran to say how the Jews were the enemies of the prophet and didn’t keep their promises to the prophet 1,400 years ago.»

Mr. Abusada is a Muslim and political independent. «You have young people, and everyone has to listen to the imam whether you believe him or not,» he said. «By saying the same thing over and over, you find a lot of people believing it, especially when he cites the Koran or hadith,» the sayings of the prophet.

Radwan Abu Ayyash, deputy minister of culture in Ramallah, ran the Palestinian Broadcasting Company until 2005. Hamas «uses religious language to motivate simple people for political as well as religious goals,» he said. «People don’t distinguish between the two.» He said he found a lot of what Al Aksa broadcast «disgusting and unprofessional.»

Every Palestinian thinks the situation in Gaza is ugly, he said. «But what is not fine is to build up children with a culture of hatred, of closed minds, a culture of sickness. I don’t think they always know what they are creating. People use one weapon, language, without realizing that they also use it against themselves.»

Hamas bruker Profetens oppførsel overfor jødiske stammer for 1400 år siden som forbilde for dagens situasjon. Muhammed inngikk en hudna – en våpenhvile med jødene – og når han fant det for godt, brøt han den og drepte jødene og tvangskonverterte kvinnene og barna.

Fortidens overgrep blandes sammen med apokalyptiske forestillinger om hva som venter jødene: et nytt Holocaust.

Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch, an Israeli group, said Hamas took its view of Jews from what it considered the roots of Islam, then tried to make the present match the past.

For example, in a column in the weekly Al Risalah, Sheik Yunus al-Astal, a Hamas legislator and imam, discussed a Koranic verse suggesting that «suffering by fire is the Jews’ destiny in this world and the next.»

«The reason for the punishment of burning is that it is fitting retribution for what they have done,» Mr. Astal wrote on March 13. «But the urgent question is, is it possible that they will have the punishment of burning in this world, before the great punishment» of hell? Many religious leaders believe so, he said, adding, «Therefore we are sure that the holocaust is still to come upon the Jews.»

At the end, Mr. Marcus points out, Mr. Astal switches from «harik,» the ordinary word for burning, to «mahraka,» normally used to connote the Holocaust.


Noe av det mest groteske er utnyttelsen av barne-TV, der jødehatet innpodes barn. Dette er innslag som gjør stor skade på palestinernes rennomé, men det ser ikke ut til å bekymre Hamas.

Another children’s program, «Tomorrow’s Pioneers,» has become infamous for its puppet characters — a kind of Mickey Mouse, a bee and a rabbit — who speak, like Assud the rabbit, of conquering the Jews to the young hostess, Saraa Barhoum, 11. «We will liberate Al Aksa mosque from the Zionists’ filth,» Assud said recently. «We will liberate Jaffa and Acre,» cities now in Israel proper. «We will liberate the whole homeland.»

The mouse, Farfour, was murdered by an Israeli interrogator and replaced by Nahoul, the bee, who died «a martyr’s death» from lack of health care because of Gaza’s closed borders. He has been supplanted by Assud, the rabbit, who vows «to get rid of the Jews, God willing, and I will eat them up, God willing.»

When Assud first made his appearance, he said to Saraa: «We are all martyrdom-seekers, are we not, Saraa?» She responded: «Of course we are. We are all ready to sacrifice ourselves for the sake of our homeland. We will sacrifice our souls and everything we own for the homeland.»

Abu Saleh, who asked that his full name not be used because of his critical views, is worried about his children. His eldest son, 13, likes to watch Al Aksa, especially the nationalist songs and military videos. «I talk to them about Hamas, but to be honest, it’s scary and you have to watch it over time,» he said. «When kids are 17 or 18, you don’t know what happens. They get enraged and can attach themselves to radical groups.»


Opphavsmannen til musa Farfour er helt klar på at målet er å holde hatet ved like hos barna. De skal motiveres til å kaste jødene på havet.

The «serious question,» he said, «is what ethos are they promoting?»

Hazim el-Sharawi, 30, the original host of the Farfour character on Hamas television, and known as «Uncle Hazim,» has no doubts. It was his idea to have Farfour killed by an Israeli interrogator, he said. «We wanted to send a message through this character that would fit the reality of Palestinian life.»

Israel is the source, he insisted. «A child sees his neighbors killed, or blown up on the beach, and how do I explain this to a child that already knows? The occupation is the reason; it creates the reality. I just organize the information for him.»

The point is simple, he said: «We want to connect the child to Palestine, to his country, so you know that your original city is Jaffa, your capital is Jerusalem and that the Jews took your land and closed your borders and are killing your friends and family.»

Hamas’s Insults to Jews Complicate Peace Effort

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