Politisk redaktør i Aftenposten Harald Stanghelle ytret forrige uke bekymring for det han kalte «restene av Israels sjel». Kanskje det heller er grunn til å ytre bekymring over Stanghelles og Aftenpostens sjel, og for øvrig norsk presses?

Vi ser sjelden eller aldri videoer som denne av en sheik inne i Al-Aqsa-moskeen som holder en tale nazistene verdig. Her står han og nedkaller Endlösung over jødene ut fra Koranen og profeten, og det skjer på israelsk grunn.

Det sier noe om hva Israel står overfor. De vet. Men Stanghelle og hans kolleger vil ikke vite. De vil heller ytre sin «omsorg» for Israel.

Jeg synes ærlig talt ikke den omsorgen er mye verdt. Jeg tror heller ikke israelerne setter særlig stor pris på den. Men jeg tror de setter pris på at noen tar deres situasjon på alvor.

Talen til sheik Omar Abu Sar er slik at det går kaldt nedover ryggen på en. Venstresiden må snart bestemme seg. Den som fortier at Ausrottung av jødene er tilbake forkledt som religion, tar apokalyptikernes side.

Al-Aqsa speaker: The slaughter of the Jews is near
In a sermon, sheikh calls the Jewish people ‘the most evil creatures’ on Earth, warns a great battle is coming

Omar Abu Sara was filmed at the mosque, located in the Temple Mount, on November 28. In a video made available by the Middle East Media Research Institute, he is seen addressing worshipers as the crowd mills about.

“Talking about the traits of the Jews requires one to get into a special mode, because we are dealing with people to whom every single vile trait has been attributed,” the sheikh says. “They were the masters of these vile traits, and they taught their secrets to others.

“These traits were registered in the Quran, which depicted all aspects of the lives of the Jews in the most abominable images,” he claims.

Abu Sara accuses the Jews of killing dozens of prophets, and attempting to kill the prophet Muhammad twice.

He says a battle with the Jews draws near, and praises the Islamic State “caliphate” as one of the vehicles for the Jewish people’s destruction.

“I say to the Jews loud and clear: The time for your slaughter has come. The time to fight you has come. The time to kill you has come…Please do not leave in our hearts a single grain of mercy towards you, oh Jews, because when the day of your slaughter arrives, we shall slaughter you without mercy.”

Throughout Abu Sara’s rant, an unseen crowd can be heard replying “amen” several times to his prophecies of wrath.

A similar sermon by a different man was filmed at the same location earlier last month, where the speaker called for the elimination of America and Israel and hailing the Islamic State terror group.

In his address, the man identified as Ali Abu Ahmad called for Jerusalem’s liberation from “the Jews, the most vile of creatures” and for the annihilation of America and the international coalition against Islamic State.

“Oh Allah, annihilate America and its coalition. Oh Allah, enable us to cut off their heads. Oh Allah, help our brothers, the mujahideen in the land of Iraq and Syria,” Abu Ahmad called out in the main hall of the mosque.

“Who will come to the aid of Islam, if not us? Who will come to the aid of Jerusalem, if not us? Who will come to the aid of the Caliphate, if not us, oh servants of Allah?” he cried as many people milled around, while several sat and listened.

 Al-Aqsa speaker: The slaughter of the Jews is near | The Times of Israel http://www.timesofisrael.com/al-aqsa-speaker-the-slaughter-of-the-jews-is-near/#ixzz3LUpQ2pgo