Fem unge menn ble forrige uke stanset to ganger av australske myndigheter og hindret i å fly ut av landet i det myndigheter mener var en reise til jihad i Syria. To andre menn forsøkte det samme – også de to ganger. nytimes.com.

Politiet er bekymret for den økende strømmen av menn som vil bli krigere for IS.

Australian officials are concerned by the growing number of wanna-be foreign fighters who are attempting to leave Australia for the Middle East.

«This indicates the continuing allure of this death cult,» Prime Minister Tony Abbott said, referring to the Islamic State movement. «It shows the importance of the most vigorous action at home and abroad to disrupt, degrade, to destroy this menace to the freedom and the security of the world.»

Counterterrorism teams had prevented 336 suspected jihadis from leaving Australian airports in the year through June, Dutton said. Another 125 Australians had been grounded by having their passports canceled, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said.

«Allowing these people to go to foreign shores to be trained in the acts of terrorism mean that when these people return to Australia, they pose an even greater threat,» Dutton said.

He said legislation to be introduced to Parliament in September that would allow foreign fighters who are dual nationals to be stripped of their Australian citizenship would also help prevent their return.

Andre mener man skulle la dem dra. At Australia dermed er mindre terrorutsatt.