17 år gamle Abdullah Elmir fra Australia har dukket opp på en ISIS video. Han kaller seg Abu Khaled (hvorfor ikke bare beholde Abdullah Elmir?) men familien kaller ham ‘idiot’.

Abdullah Elmir beskrives som en konvertitt.

Abdullah Elmir forlot sitt hjem i Sydney i juni og fortalte moren at han skulle på fisketur.

Gone fishing

Elmir og kompisen Feiz har trolig reist til Syria og Irak ved å krysse grensen nord i Tyrkia. De vil ikke få adgang til å reise tilbake til Australia.
Elmir, who told family he was going away on a fishing trip, will not be allowed back into Australia under national security laws.

The ANIC wants an inquiry into how the boy was compelled to leave Australia to fight with the violent terror group.

“It is utterly deplorable for violent extremists to use Islam as a cover for their crimes and atrocities,” the Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammad said.

The ANIC’s asked the federal government to commit further resources to identify and prevent the root causes of radicalisation of Australians.

I ISIS-videoen sier Abdullah Elmir:

 «To the leaders, to Obama, to Tony Abbott I say this; these weapons that we have, these soldiers, we will not stop fighting, we will not put down our weapons until we reach your lands, until we take the head of every tyrant and until the black flag is flying high in every single land,» he said.

He said IS would fight until the black flag was flying over Buckingham Palace and the White House.

«Bring every nation that you want to come and fight us. It means nothing to us. Whether it’s 50 nations or 50,000 nations, it means nothing to us,» he said.

«Bring your planes. Bring everything you want to us. Because it will not harm us. Why? Because we have Allah.»

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