Roger Kimball har mye å utsette på Donald  Trump. Men personen Trump og fenomenet er to forskjellige ting. Alle trodde han var ferdig da han laget ut etter John McCain, men det skjedde ikke. What is going on?


What only a few commentators have cottoned on to is that Trump has touched a nerve. His popularity may be fragile, may even be illusory.  But he has, in his semi-articulate jabbering, reminded people that there is a world outside the beltway.  It’s partly a matter of substance, partly style.  People in many parts of the country are appalled by the flood of illegal immigrants that is changing the character of this country.  Trump speaks to that.  He also, quite obviously, eschews the focus groups.  He doesn’t care about donors because he could himself pay for his own campaign several times over.  He says what he thinks.  It would be nice, perhaps, if the path between his cerebellum and his mouth were a bit longer and more circumspect, but his bluntness plays to the masses. He delights in tweaking the politically correct establishment.

In the locker room at my gym a week or two back, two blue-collar chaps were talking about a house in a town near me that has been taken over by illegal immigrants.  A dozen or more people live there, drifting in and out. The house is a wreck, as are the grounds.  The police take no notice.  Something, one of the fellows said, should be done. That’s when the other chap mentioned Donald Trump.  I didn’t catch all the details of their conversation, but it was clear they liked what he said, and they liked the way he said it. He didn’t care whom he offended. He just said what he thought. Maybe he went a little far. But wasn’t that better than the (my term) milquetoast establishment terrified of offending some constituency, somewhere?