Prins Charles gikk for å være politisk korrekt og en stor venn av islam. Nå sier han at de kristne er de mest forfulgte i verden og at det er i muslimske land de er mest truet.


Muslim leaders have a duty to warn their own followers about the “indescribable tragedy” of the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and around the world, the Prince of Wales has insisted.
He said that faith leaders must ensure their followers respect believers in other faiths “rather than remaining silent”.
His comments came in a special message recorded for the publication of a new report which concludes that Christians are the “most persecuted religious minority” in the world and that Muslim countries dominate the list of places where religious freedom is most under threat.
While emphasising the importance of his own personal Christian faith, he also signalled that he saw his role as to “defend” followers of other faiths including Islam.
Britain’s “future as a free society” depends on recognising the “crucial role” played by people of faith, he said.

En Holocaust-overlevende sa han aldri hadde trodd at kristne skulle bli de mest forfulgte.

Dr Martin Stern, a Jewish survivor of the holocaust, said: «After World War Two, after the Nazis’ failed attempt to murder my one-year-old sister and myself and I was trying to come to terms with the murder of my father in Buchenwald and his brother in Auschwitz, the thought that Christians might one day be a major persecuted group in the world never entered my head.
«And so it has turned out.»
He says he had learnt to read about Christian persecution with the caution he exercises about reading about the holocaust.
He said: «Excuse my simplemindedness but I fail to see the difference between a dead Jew, like my father, or a dead Yazidi, or a dead Ahmadi or Shia or Sunni, or a dead Baha’i or a dead Christian if that death is due to persecution and quasi tribal conflict.»

Muslimske ledere har problemer med å ta inn over seg alle forbrytelsene som begås i religionens navn.

Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra, Assistant Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain, said he «lamented» that the loss of Christians in the Middle East.
He quoted a saying of the Prophet Mohammed that those from whom other people are not safe cannot be called Muslims.
«If that is what Islam teaches then why do we have what is happening in the world today?» he said.
«Why do we have a list of many countries which are predominantly Muslim population in which people’s religious freedoms are trampled upon in such brutal ways.
«To my mind the answer is very straightforward – we must not conflate what some Muslims do with what Islam teaches.
«They are poles apart.»..

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, said: «Prince Charles is somebody who is deeply respected in the Muslim community and he is absolutely right about Christians being oppressed – but the point is when innocent Iraqis were being killed by British bombs Prince Charles was quiet silent.
«The thing that he fails to mention is that the largest number of victims killed by Isis are Muslims, I would like him to have spoken about Muslims being oppressed in a stronger way.»