Tyrkia stengte grensen mot Syria søndag. Kurdere på flukt fra Kobani står fast i ingenmannsland.

Turkey closed the border with Syria on Sunday leaving thousands of people who had fled Kobani stranded in a minefield in no-man’s-land on the border.

The assault on Kobani by ISIL has forced more than 200,000 to flee across the border into Turkey.

Syrian refugee Celal Weli left ahead of his family to find a safe place for them in Turkey. Now he is desperate to return and rescue them.

“This is not right. I am trying to bring this bread to my children. They are right over there. But it is prohibited to cross the border,” he said.

Another refugee, Samiha, described how her husband was stranded in no-man’s-land.

“My husband is old and needs help from his son to walk. I told the Turkish soldiers to help accompany him, but they refused,” she said.

A new refugee camp has been set up in Suruc in Turkey close to the border.

The United Nations has warned that hundreds of civilians who are still trapped in Kobani are likely to be “massacred” if it falls to ISIL.