Minst 40 mennesker ble drept da to bilbomber gikk av i den tyrkiske grensebyen Reyhanli lørdag. Byen er full av syriske flyktninger. Mistanken går i retning Assad-regimet.

Men like illevarslende er meldinger om at det har vært spent mellom den tyrkiske befolkningen og syriske flyktninger en god stund, og etter lørdagens bomber gikk tyrkere løs på syrerne uansett hvem det er.

After the explosions, Turks vented their anger by vandalising cars with Syrian number plates and attacking some refugees.

Aref al-Karez, a 22-year-old Syrian, was a few streets away when the first bomb exploded. He said that some Turks went «crazy», adding: «Any people from Turkey that caught a Syrian person, there was a fight.»


Police fired guns in the air as they tried to restore order. Mr Karez said that he was staying in his apartment in the town and was too afraid to go out. «No Syrians are walking the roads,» he said. He had planned to leave Reyhanli and travel to another town, but Mr Karez said that no Turkish taxi driver would take him.

Mr Karez said that large numbers of people were crossing the border between Syria and Turkey illegally, suggesting that the attackers might have followed this route.

«A lot of people get into Turkey – I don’t have a passport, I don’t have anything, I just go over the border,» he said. «I think intelligence agents from the regime got into Turkey, took a bomb, and put it in the cars.»

Another Syrian, who gave his name only as Mahmoud, said that tensions had been rising between Turks and refugees in Reyhanli for several weeks before the bombs. A few days ago, a young Syrian man had burned the Turkish national flag in the town’s main square.

Mahmoud was collecting the names of those killed. The youngest identified victim was Noora Ladh, a five-year-old Syrian girl who was in the town as a refugee.