Britiske helsemyndigheter frykter at ebola kan spre seg til Europa. Hvorfor skulle den ikke det? Folk reiser og viruset er meget smittsomt.

Og høyst dødelig. Nylig døde en av Sierra Leones fremste leger av sykdommen. En smittet mann fikk fly fra Liberia til Lagos hvor han døde.


Public Health England has issued an urgent warning to doctors to watch for signs of the lethal disease after an infected man was allowed to travel through an international hub. They said the virus was ‘clearly not under control.’

In an interview with The Telegraph Sir Mark Walport, the government’s Chief Scientific Advisor, said that the increasingly ‘interconnected’ world was placing Britons at risk.

“The UK is fortunate in its geographical position. We’re an island,” he said.


the death of American Patrick Sawyer in Lagos, Nigeria, has led to fears that the virus could spread beyond Africa.

Mr Sawyer, 40, had travelled from his home of Minnesota to attend the funeral of his sister, who died from Ebola. But it is unclear how he was allowed to board multiple international flights after he had started presenting symptoms.

Despite vomiting and suffering from diarrhoea, the Liberian Finance Ministry employee, was able to fly from Liberia, via Ghana, and Togo, before arriving in Nigeria, where he died. Experts say he could have passed on the disease to anyone sat near him or who used the same toilet on one of the planes and are now trying to trace fellow passengers.


Sykdommen er ute av kontroll, sier helsemyndighetene i Storbritannia og forbereder seg på det verste.