En liberal parlamentariker sier at hvis han hadde bodd på Gaza ville han også skutt raketter. Han får støtte av en producer i BBC som sier han vet hvorfor parlamentarikeren ble irettesatt: jødisk mediemakt.

Noen grenser brytes under denne Gaza-krigen. Flere gjør som NRKs Gro Holm. NRK er ikke alene.

David Ward, the Liberal Democrat MP for Bradford East, was forced to apologise last week after saying he would “probably” fire rockets at Israel if he lived in Gaza.

The row prompted a Muslim producer at the BBC to leap to Ward’s defence on Twitter with what appeared to be a reference to a conspiracy theory about wealthy Jews owning and controlling everything in the world.

Anish Shaikh, who says on his online CV that he has worked at the BBC since 1995, tweeted: “Attacking David Ward is a strategy to divert focus from real issue #Gaza politicians have no soul as they can be bought & sold by u know who.”

The producer, who has presented shows on the BBC Asian Network, including one devoted to Islamic music, refused to elaborate when repeatedly asked by other Twitter users to whom he was referring.

Shaikh was forced to delete his account after The Sunday Times approached the BBC and could face further disciplinary action.

The corporation said: “The BBC has clear social media guidelines which staff must adhere to, even when using personal accounts.

“We have spoken to Anish and reminded him of his responsibility to uphold our guidelines.

“He has deleted the account. We will meet him to discuss the matter further.”


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