Reuters-fotografen Fadel Shana (24) ble drept av en granat fra en israelsk stridsvogn i Gaza 16. april, sammen med åtte andre palestinere. Mandag gikk et 50-talls journalister til streik i protest mot en dårlig forklaring fra den israelske hæren.

Reuters Middle East Managing Editor Mark Thompson said: «We are deeply disappointed that the Israeli army has failed to provide an account of the circumstances in which Fadel Shana was killed by a tank shell on April 16, nor any evidence to support its claim that they could not identify him as a journalist.

«Fadel had taken all reasonable precautions while filming that day and the refusal of the Israeli army to work with the media on safety issues since his death has forced us and others to curtail reporting in Gaza.»

Noen vil si at israelerne dermed oppnådd sitt mål.
Shanas død er uforståelig. Han kjørte i en bil merket Presse, og hadde filmet i flere minutter.

Shana, 24, and a colleague who was wounded in the wrist, had been filming from a tripod in full view of two tanks for several minutes when one of the tanks fired a shell that exploded above them, showering them with metal darts known as flechettes.

Both wore body armour that carried «Press» markings, as did the car which they had been driving in the area for about half an hour. They were about 1.5 km (a mile) from the tanks. Shana’s camera captured the fatal shell being fired.

Gaza journalists demand Israel answer over killing