Malaysia benyttet seg av alle tricks for å lure verdenssamfunnet slik at Hamza Kashgari kunne utlevers til Saudi-Arabia.

Myndighetene sa først at det ikke forelo noen rettslig kjennelse som utsatte utleveringen, hvilket ikke stemte. Så villedet man hans advokater og sa at Kashgari fortsatt befant seg i malyisk fengsel, mens han i virkeligheten var på vei tilbake til Saudi-Arabia.

Interpol er blitt anklaget for å ha latt Saudi-Arabia benytte seg av etterlysningssystemet for å finne Kashgari. Interpol sentralt har ikke villet kommentere påstanden.

Malaysia har spilt på lag med Saudi-Arabia fra første stund, og later som det var for å straffe terrorister og lovbrytere.

Innenriksminister Hishammuddin Hussein avfeide all kritikk.

Hishammuddin said: «I will not allow Malaysia to be seen as a safe country for terrorists and those who are wanted by their countries of origin, and also be seen as a transit county.»

He said the deportation followed a request from the Saudi government. Allegations that Kashgari could be tortured and killed if he was sent back home were «ridiculous» because Saudi Arabia was a respectable country, he said.

Hishammuddin said Malaysian authorities had not received any court order to halt the deportation. Lawyers representing Kashgari’s family obtained a court order on Sunday to try to keep him in Malaysia, but he had been put on a plane back home by the time the order was issued.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Kashgari was kept incommunicado and denied access to lawyers and the UN refugee agency. Police told lawyers that Kashgari was still being held after he had already been forced on to a plane, it said.

«By its actions, the ministry of home affairs once again showed that it believes rule of law is whatever it says and that it is more than willing to be totally opaque in its operations to maintain its flexibility to do what it wants when it wants,» said Phil Robertson, HRW’s Asia deputy director.

«If he [Kashgari] faces execution back in Saudi Arabia, the Malaysian government will have blood on its hands,» he said.

The local group Lawyers for Liberty said Kashgari arrived in Malaysia on 7 February from Jordan and was leaving the country two days later to New Zealand to seek asylum when he was detained.


Man forsøker nå sparke i gang en kampanje for å hindre at Kashgari straffes for blasfemi. Vanligvis er straffen for det døden i Saudi-Arabia.

This is the time to act against the Saudi and the rest of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s war on freedom of expression and thought as stated in their UN Resolution 1618.

We will keep you posted regarding plans to demonstrate in front of embassies and the White House to expose OIC’s war on freedom of expression worldwide.


Hamza’s Lawyer Contact info.

Muhammad Afiq Bin Mohamad Noor
Cell/ Home +6010 3666 434
Office no. +603-2095 2299
Fax no +603 2093 7670

Det er Ali H. Alyami, Executive Director of the Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia, som ber om en internasjonal kampanje mot egne myndigheter. I sannhet en modig mann.

Malaysian government defends Saudi journalist’s deportation