Utenrikskomiteen i det nederlandske parlamentet skulle besøke Egypt, men myndighetene der ville ikke slippe inn et medlem av Frihetspartiet som hadde kritisert behandlingen av kopterne.

Enden på visa ble at hele komiteen valgte å bli hjemme.

Egypt has refused to allow Dutch MP Raymond de Roon to enter the country. He was part of a parliamentary delegation due to visit Egypt at the end of this week.
The parliamentary foreign affairs commission has decided to cancel the entire visit. It says it up to the Dutch parliament to decide who is in the delegation.
Freedom Party MP De Roon believes he was refused a visa because he has accused Egypt of carrying out ethnic cleansing of its Christian Copt minority. At least 25 people were killed in October when a peaceful protest march by Copts turned into a bloodbath.
“It would have been better if Egypt had said: come along and we’ll show you there is no ethnic cleansing” he commented.
Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders was furious and called it a shameful decision by a small-minded country. He added that nothing has changed in Egypt and the new regime is “just as barbaric” as the previous one.
Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal said it was “the kind of thing you have to deal with” in a country in transition towards democracy but has summoned the Egyptian ambassador for an explanation.

Dutch MPs cancel Egypt trip