EU-skepsisen er sterkt blant konservative parlamentarikere. De vil ta tilbake noe av suverenitet og krever folkeavstemning.

Det er eurosone-krisen som aktualiserer kritikken:

En av de konservative backbench’erne, Mark Pritchard, skriver i Daily Telegraph:

Conservative MPs will not continue to write blank cheques for workers in Lisbon while people in London and Leicester are joining the dole queue.

Pritchard advarer David Cameron: velgerne ønsker innflytelse, de går ikke med på å betale for andre lands eksesser når de selv har problemer med regningene, ikke har råd til ferie, og må betale inn mer til pensjonsfond.

unless eurozone countries accept similar austerity measures to those expected of British taxpayers, then MPs can expect their constituents to kick back. As Britons lose their jobs, struggle to pay utility bills, forgo annual holidays and are made to pay more into their pensions, future bail-outs of Europe’s mostly unreformed and lazy economies will not attract Conservative parliamentary support.

Pritchard kommer så med en mer fundamental kritikk. Han mener britene er blitt lurt inn i en union som kveler britisk suverenitet og britisk frihet.

When Britain voted to stay in the European Economic Community in 1975 the country was promised it would be a common market. Yet over time, mostly by stealth and within every new treaty, we have been drawn relentlessly into an «ever closer union» with the Continent. For many Britons, the EU has already become a kind of occupying force, setting unfamiliar rules, demanding levies, curbing freedoms, subverting our culture and imposing alien taxes. In less than four decades, Britain has become enslaved to Europe – servitude that intrudes and impinges on millions of British lives every day. Brussels has become a burdensome yoke, disfiguring Britain’s independence and diluting her sovereignty.

Det er ikke noe nytt i historien at et folk reagerer på kriser ved å riste av seg de man oppfatter som overmakt og misbrukere av makt.

EU-skespsien har alltid vært sterk i Storbritannia. Gjeldskrisen kan gi den uventet fart.

After nearly four decades of subjugation to Europe, it is time for the British people to choose their own destiny and to be set free. The 1975 mandate is neither immutable nor eternal.
That is why the Coalition should agree to a referendum on Europe asking whether Britain should be part of a political union or of the trade-only relationship we thought we had signed up to. This is a moderate proposition that would attract voters from across the political spectrum, unite many on the Left and Right within Parliament and galvanise the support of most in the media. Even the Liberal Democrats, given their commitment to a Euro-referendum in their last election manifesto and their so-called «freedom agenda», would be hard-pressed to veto it.
The referendum should be held next year, and a successful «No to political union» result would immediately strengthen the Prime Minister’s negotiating hand in Brussels to commence serious and meaningful negotiations with our partners on Britain’s new relationship. The process of returning political sovereignty to Westminster would then take place over the proceeding two years.

Brussel vil få sjansen til å tilbakeføre suvernitet til Storbritannia. Hvis Brussel nekter er neste skritt en folkeavstemning om selve medlemskapet.

Telegraphs politiske redaktør, Andrew Porter, mener Pritchard ikke kommer med tomme trusler.

Mr Pritchard is a leading figure in a group of 120 Conservative MPs who are pushing the Prime Minister to set out a “clear plan” for pulling back from Europe.

Skulle Cameron følge rådene kommer han på kollisjonskurs med Liberaldemokratene som er sterkt Eurofile.

Men strømningen i eget parti er klar:

Mr Cameron and George Osborne, the Chancellor, know that the unfolding crisis in the eurozone will give the Conservative party’s Eurosceptic MPs a chance to argue more powerfully for a realignment of Britain’s position in the EU.
The 2010 intake of new Tory MPs is regarded as the most Eurosceptic in a generation and large numbers of government ministers remain privately anti-Brussels.

We’re fed up with Europe, so give us a vote
Britain has become a slave to the EU, writing blank cheques to prop up its lazy economies, says Mark Pritchard.

Tory MPs demand referendum on Europe
David Cameron must call a referendum on Europe or face a rebellion from his own party and a backlash from voters, a leading back-bench Tory warns today.

Vi i Document ønsker å legge til rette for en interessant og høvisk debatt om sakene som vi skriver om. Vennligst les våre retningslinjer for debattskikk før du deltar 🙂