Folk forsvinner nå i Syria, som i et sort hull. De plukkes opp av sikkerhetsagenter. Menneskerettsgrupper har dokumentert at 217 mennesker har forsvunnet siden fredag. Det er en ny trend.

Wissam Tarif, executive director of Insan, a Syrian human rights group, said it had compiled the names of 217 people who had disappeared since early Friday. At least 70 of them were from a region near the capital, and 68 others were from Homs, Syria’s third largest city and the site of especially vigorous protests in the past week. Taken together, he said, the group had documented the names of missing people from 17 cities and villages.

“It just doesn’t stop,” he said. “Names keep pouring in.”

The government has prevented most foreign journalists from working in Syria, making the reports impossible to verify. The government has appeared to signal a willingness to offer some reform while cracking down on those who oppose the government publicly. It has yet to deploy the full force of the military.

“This is not going to stop,” Mr. Tarif said. “There is going to be much more bloodshed.”

More Syrians Are Missing, Hinting at a Wider Crackdown

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