USA vil be FN om å svarteliste en rekke fremtredende pakistanske sikkerhetsoffiserer, blant dem flere tidligere ledere for ISI. En slik liste vil være et alvorlig signal til Pakistan og et tap av ansikt utad.

Pakistan har hele tiden satset på at USA eller andre ikke tør stille dem til rette for forbindelsen til ekstremistene. Men den tiden kan være over.

Hameed Gul, the most controversial ISI chief who accelerated
the transformation of Pakistan into a sponsor of terror and is close to al Qaida chief Osama bin Laden and Taliban, may not be given up to India, but it is likely the UN will impose sanctions on him for his links with jihadis.

According to reports, the US will be sending a list of names of prominent Pakistanis for sanctions, to add to the pressure on Islamabad to take action against terror groups.

The Pakistan terror rogues’ gallery includes members like Lt Gen Javed Nasir, another former chief of the ISI, who, it is said, installed the first mujahideen government in Afghanistan under Sibghatullah Mojadedi, and thereafter became the progenitor of the Taliban.

Also on the list are Zafirul Islam Abbasi, who reportedly collaborated with Pakistani extremists to launch the J&K insurgency in 1989, after being expelled as military attache in 1988, and a former army chief. Although there is no confirmation, it’s likely this army chief is General Mirza Aslam Beg, who is close to Osama and the head of Pakistan’s nuclear Wal-Mart , A Q Khan.

Også flere land enn India kan være interessert i å temme Pakistan: Nylig ble en shia-moske angrepet nær Peshawar. Hvis de militante vinner frem, vil det gå ut over shiaene. Som i Irak forsøker jihadistene å antenne borgerkrig.

En slik utvikling er ikke Iran interessert i.

US to ask UN for sanctions against Pak terror agents