Som forventet tok det ikke lang tid før Israel ble beskyldt for å stå bak krigen mellom Russland og Georgia:

The anti-Russia lobby is giving the pro-Israel lobby a run for its money, hyping the settling of scores among two European, Orthodox Christian countries as more dangerous to the peace and security of the west than any clash of civilisations or jihad ever was. Casting this conflict as a 9/11-style litmus test of patriotism and humanity, New Criterion editor Roger Kimball praises John McCain as a man who «knows evil and repudiates it», deriding Barack Obama as one «crippled by moral relativism» for daring to admit «fault on both sides». For Kimball, Russia, «uncivilised» as our terrorist enemies, affords the added menace of a disgruntled ex-superpower hell-bent on «an imperialist mission». Meanwhile, at Slate, Anne Applebaum balefully warns that Russia may make «Islamic terrorism» look like «the least of our problems».

(Lenke via Stephen Pollard)