Tyrkias riksadvokat har klaget regjeringspartiet AKP inn for Forfatningsdomstolen, for å å utvise skillet mellom religion og stat. AKPs forgjenger Velferdspartiet ble forbudt av samme grunn.

Riksadvokaten har kastet ned en hanske til AKP. AKP sitter langt tryggere i salen enn Velferdspartiet gjorde.

Abdurrahman Yalcinkaya, chief prosecutor of the court of appeals, submitted his case against the Justice and Develomment Party (AKP) to the Constitutional Court, the latter’s president Hasim Kilic said.

«Attached… is a demand that 71 individuals be banned from political activity,» Kilic said, adding that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and President Abdullah Gul, a former AKP member, topped the list.

The constitutional court has yet to say whether it will agree to hear the complaint, which charges that the AKP has become a focal point for attempts to overturn the strictly secular ethos that underlies Turkey’s constitution.

The AKP, whose roots in a now-banned Islamist movement have sown fear among secularist circles, branded the case as a blow to democracy and said it would «continue its fight for democracy with determination».
Details of the prosecution’s case were not officially available, but media reports said easing the on-campus restrictions on the headscarf and failed AKP attempts to limit the sale of alcohol were presented as evidence.

Prosecutor Yalcinkaya had previously warned he would oppose the headscarf change, which he alleged was intended «to alter the secular character of our republic».

The constitutional court has in the past banned several of Islamist parties, among them the Welfare Party of Turkey’s first Islamist Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan, who used to be Erdogan’s mentor.

Judges will start studying the indictment against the AKP on Monday to decide whether to accept the case, Hasim Kilic said.

Turkey’s top prosecutor moves to ban ruling party