Tidligere het det at alle arabere var ett, i den panarbiske versjon til Gamal Abdul Nasser. Nå heter at det kampen føres i den islamske nasjonens navn. Deri ligger en stor forskjell og en stor utvikling.

Sheik Nasrallah uttrykte seg slik søndag:

«Today, especially in this sensitive moment and after several military achievements and surprises, Hezbollah is not fighting a battle for Hezbollah or even for Lebanon. We are now fighting a battle for the(Islamic) nation,» he said. «The peoples of the Arab and Islamic world have a historic opportunity to score a defeat against the Zionist enemy … We are providing the example,» he added.

APs Midtøsten-korrespondent skriver.

The past five days’ shocking flare-up of Mideast violence may really be, beneath it all, a fight about Iran and its place in the region. While Israel, the United States and some Arab countries hope the Islamic regime suffers a blow, Tehran may count on emerging from the crisis with its power intact and its influence raised even higher.
The question remains how far all this will go.

Iran has warned that Israel will suffer if it broadens its attacks to include Syria, but what Iran might do in such a situation remains unclear.

Both sides clearly view their very existence at risk and thus will be loathe to back down, said Iranian exile Amir Taheri, writing in Sunday’s pan-Arab Asharq al Awsat newspaper. And that could make the fight both long and damaging.

»The stakes have been raised beyond anyone’s expectation,» Taheri said.