Forholdet mellom Syria og Iran later til å være sementert under president Bashar Assads to dager lange besøk. De to land skal sammen forsvare den islamske verden mot USA og sionismen, heter det.

Fredag beslagla den libanesiske hær en våpenlast som tilhørte Hizbollah. Nasrallahs svar sier mye om hvor selvbevisst Hizbollah er, og hvor lite Guds parti respekterer regjeringen og hæren.

Ahmadinejad said earlier Saturday that Lebanon and Hezbollah have his complete support in their struggle against Israel and the United States.

«Iran and Lebanon are two parts of the same body, and only through cooperation between our two nations will it be possible to foil the conspiracies of the enemy,» Ahmadinejad said.

«Thanks to Hezbollah, the Lebanese people have become a symbol of courage, faith and respect for all nations, and all this through the power of resistance,» Ahmadinejad added.

On Friday, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said that his organization is entitled to secretly transfer arms in order to fight Israel, and that he will not forgive the Lebanese Army for seizing last week an arms-laden truck that belonged to Hezbollah.

Nasrallah said «we have plenty of weapons … and we have the right to transport our arms to combat Israel.»

Nasrallah said the arms transfers are carried out in secret in order «to hide them from the Israeli enemy.»

The Hezbollah chief added that his group has no intention of disarming, and intends to maintain its forces in southern Lebanon. «The resistance will always stand by the Lebanese Army in southern Lebanon, with our weapons, men and blood… to defend Lebanon,» he said.

Hezbollah is «ready to give the army all the arms it needs,» but will not forgive anyone who confiscates even a single bullet, Nasrallah added.

kilde: haaretz