Iran driver en storstilt opprustning av Hizbollah med raketter som sendes inn via Tyrkia, ifølge israelske etterretningsrapporter. Hizbollah skal ha raketter som kan nå 30 mil, dvs. helt til Dimona i det sørlige Israel.

Iran is arming Hezbollah with missiles sent via Turkey, according to intelligence received in Israel. Turkish authorities are unaware of the arms shipments, which are in violation of Resolution 1701.

A senior Israeli government source said Tuesday that Brigadier General Yossi Beiditz, head of the IDF research department, last week told European Union ambassadors in a briefing that Iran continues to transfer arms and equipment to Hezbollah, in spite of Tehran’s denials.

Some of the weapons include long-range missiles that are being transfered through flights using Turkey’s airspace, as well as overland though Turkey, under the guise of civilian cargo. From Turkey, the missiles are transfered to Syria and then Lebanon. Turkey has not permitted the use of its territory for such transfers.

The same source said that according to Beiditz, some of the missiles Iran transfered to Hezbollah have a maximum range of 300 kilometers, «capable of reaching the Dimona area from Beirut.» According to intelligence so far available to Israel, the maximum range of missiles in Hezbollah’s arsenal had been 250 kilometers.

Beiditz said that the missiles currently in Hezbollah’s possession are more accurate and capable of carrying larger warheads.

Hizbollahs nestleder, Naim Kassem, sier at Hizbollah er klar for krig med Israel, men kommer ikke til å være den som starter den.

Hezbollah is ready for another war with Israel but it will not start one, the deputy leader of the Lebnon-based guerilla group said in an interview published Wednesday, a day after Israel told the European Union its intelligence showed Iran was rearming the group via Turkey.

In an interview with the Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Akhbar daily, Hezbollah deputy chief Naim Kassem warned that Israel will pay a high price in any future war.

Hezbollah: We’re ready for war with Israel, but we won’t start it