Det finnes grenser for dumhet. Statssekretær Raymond Johansen overskred den idag, da han kalte utviklingen i Mogadishu for «positiv» og sa han ikke ville være med og slå hånda av det nye islamiststyret. De hadde brakt orden og trygghet som han sa.

Hardline Islamic courts shut cinema halls and barred residents from watching the World Cup, prompting scores of civilians to protest the ban in which two people were killed, court officials and residents have said.
The gunmen loyal to the Joint Islamic Courts (JIC), cut electricity, cleared cinema halls and warned residents against watching the football tournament in areas they control, forcing a violent protest late on Saturday in which two people were killed, residents said Sunday.

The JIC deputy chairman AbdulKadir Ali Omar said the Islamic tribunals would crackdown on halls that defy the order to show western films and video, including the World Cup.

«This is war against all people who show films that promote pornography, drug dealing and all forms of evil,» Omar told AFP.

«We shall not even allow the showing of the World Cup because they corrupt the morals of our children whom we endeavour to teach the Islamic way of life,» he added.

Islamic courts officials said they were against some elements of World Cup, notably the advertisements for alcohol.

On Sunday, residents said Islamic gunmen were roaming in Sukahola and Huriwa neighbourhoods in northern Mogadishu to ensure that the ban was enforced.

Two die as hardline Islamists ban World Cup