To interne doku­men­ter avslø­rer at Al Qaida i Irak er mis­for­nøyd med utvik­lin­gen i Bag­dad. De inn­røm­mer at de kun er et irri­tasjns­mo­ment for myn­dig­he­tene, og at shia­ene har over­ta­ket.

Tonen i doku­men­tene er used­van­lig nøk­tern og fri for den sed­van­lige reto­rik­ken. De ble fun­net av ame­ri­ka­nerne under et raid i Yous­si­fi­yah i midten av april. Skal man tro mel­din­gene inn­røm­mer Al Qaida langt på vei at de taper kam­pen om Bag­dad.

The docu­ment says that the Bag­h­dad cells are capable of only “hit and run” ope­ra­tions, lead­ing the pub­lic to con­clude that “the Shi­ites are stron­ger in Bag­h­dad and nea­rer to con­trolling it, while the muja­hedeen … are not con­side­red more than a daily annoy­ance to the Shi­ite govern­ment.”
It also reite­rates al-Zarqawi’s long-stated goal of targe­ting the country’s majority Shi­ites.


But the stra­tegy docu­ment com­pla­ins that “the strength of the brot­hers in Bag­h­dad” is based mostly on car bombs and “groups of assass­ins lack­ing any orga­nized mili­tary capa­bi­lities.”

The wri­ter com­pla­ins that the Ame­ri­cans and the Iraqi govern­ment for­ces “were able to absorb our pain­ful blows,” raise new recruits and “take con­trol of Bag­h­dad as well as other areas, one after the other.”

This is why every year is worse than the pre­vious year, as far as the mujahedeen’s con­trol and influ­ence over Bag­h­dad,” the docu­ment said.

It also char­ged that the major Sunni groups — the Iraqi Isla­mic Party and the cle­ri­cal Associa­tion of Mus­lim Scholars — have “anest­he­tized” the Sunni popu­la­tion. It warned that “we will have a pro­blem” if the govern­ment succe­eds in rai­sing all-Sunni army units.

Insur­gents have recently targe­ted recruits from the first all-Sunni unit, kil­ling at least seven of them in two sepa­rate attacks last week.

Eit­her we let them go beyond the limits, or fight them and risk inci­ting the Sun­nis against us through the chann­els of the party and the associa­tion,” the docu­ment says.

Dis­or­ga­niza­tion Wor­ries al-Qaida in Iraq

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