To interne dokumenter avslører at Al Qaida i Irak er misfornøyd med utviklingen i Bagdad. De innrømmer at de kun er et irritasjnsmoment for myndighetene, og at shiaene har overtaket.

Tonen i dokumentene er usedvanlig nøktern og fri for den sedvanlige retorikken. De ble funnet av amerikanerne under et raid i Youssifiyah i midten av april. Skal man tro meldingene innrømmer Al Qaida langt på vei at de taper kampen om Bagdad.

The document says that the Baghdad cells are capable of only «hit and run» operations, leading the public to conclude that «the Shiites are stronger in Baghdad and nearer to controlling it, while the mujahedeen … are not considered more than a daily annoyance to the Shiite government.»
It also reiterates al-Zarqawi’s long-stated goal of targeting the country’s majority Shiites.

But the strategy document complains that «the strength of the brothers in Baghdad» is based mostly on car bombs and «groups of assassins lacking any organized military capabilities.»

The writer complains that the Americans and the Iraqi government forces «were able to absorb our painful blows,» raise new recruits and «take control of Baghdad as well as other areas, one after the other.»

«This is why every year is worse than the previous year, as far as the mujahedeen’s control and influence over Baghdad,» the document said.

It also charged that the major Sunni groups — the Iraqi Islamic Party and the clerical Association of Muslim Scholars — have «anesthetized» the Sunni population. It warned that «we will have a problem» if the government succeeds in raising all-Sunni army units.

Insurgents have recently targeted recruits from the first all-Sunni unit, killing at least seven of them in two separate attacks last week.

«Either we let them go beyond the limits, or fight them and risk inciting the Sunnis against us through the channels of the party and the association,» the document says.

Disorganization Worries al-Qaida in Iraq