Det kan oppfattes som et freak-show, men er dødelig alvor. Den tidligere imamen ved Finsbury-moskeen, Abu Hamza al-Masri, hadde sin første dag i Old Bailey onsdag. Her ble det lagt frem timevis med videoopptak av prekener. Leitmotiv er hat mot islams fiender, fremfor alt jødene. Jødehatet går som en rød tråd.

David Perry er aktor i saken.

Perry said the prosecution would base part of its case on nine videotapes among hundreds seized by the police at Masri’s home after his arrest.

«You would think he would be preaching tolerance, mutual co-existence and responsibility regardless of religion or creed,» Perry said. «In fact he preached the opposite – intolerance, bigotry and hatred, in particular against Jews as a racial group and as a religious body.»

«In the course of one lecture he accused the Jews of being blasphemous, traitors and dirty. This – because of the treachery, because of their blasphemy and filth – was why Hitler was sent into the world,» Perry said, interpreting what Masri had said.

Masri told his followers that «‘Hitler was sent to torture and humiliate the Jews and every last Jew is going to be buried in Palestine,»‘ Perry added, quoting from what he said was a sermon in October 2000.

In other videotapes, Masri said it was «‘permitted to kill women and children if they are fighting Muslims, or if there is no way to stop them,»‘ Perry said.

Masri was also asked for his views on suicide bombings. «It is not called suicide, this is called martyrdom,» Masri was quoted as saying.

According to Perry, Masri added: «If we do not use terrorism or torture, what are we going to use?»

British Muslim cleric’s trial opens with accusation of racial hatred