Rapport om at amerikanerne snakker med opprørerne. Men vel så interessant er meldingene om sammenstøt mellom opprørerne og Al Qaida.

Clashes between insurgent groups and Al Qaeda have broken out in numerous cities, including Taji, Yusefiya, Qaim and Ramadi, and they appear to have intensified in recent months, according to interviews with insurgents, as well as American and Iraqi officials.

In those interviews, insurgents say there is widespread hatred for Al Qaeda among ordinary Iraqis. The insurgents blame Al Qaeda for the bloody car and suicide attacks that have killed thousands of civilians. While Al Qaeda’s rank and file is comprised of many Iraqis, the leadership is believed by American and Iraqi officials to contain many foreigners.

«We are Iraqis, and Al Qaeda came from outside our borders,» said Abu Omar, the nom de guerre of a member of the Islamic Army in Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad.

«They defame the name of the noble resistance inside Iraq.»

American and Iraqi officials regard the strife among the guerrilla groups as presenting an especially promising opportunity, in large part because of the large turnout of Sunni voters in the Dec. 15 parliamentary election. In many Iraqi cities, insurgents cooperated with the electoral process by largely holding their fire, while Al Qaeda warned of reprisals.

U.S. opens direct talks with Iraqi insurgents