Ayman al-Zawahiri håner Bush fordi han vil redusere styrken i Irak, og sier det betyr nederlag. Han ber muslimer angripe oljeinstallasjonene, og bebreider Brorskapet i Egypt for at de deltok i valget.

Al-Zawahri said the American forces «with their planes, missiles, tanks and fleets are mourning and bleeding, seeking for a getaway from Iraq.»

«Regarding your withdrawal timetable … you have to admit, Bush, that you have been defeated in Iraq and are being defeated in Afghanistan and will be defeated in Palestine,» he said.

In comments quoted on Al-Jazeera’s Web site but not yet broadcast, al-Zawahri urged supporters to attack oil sites in Muslim countries.

«I call on mujahedeen to focus their attacks on Muslims’ embezzled oil. Most of its revenues go to the enemies of Islam; meanwhile most of what is left is taken by the thieves who are ruling our countries,» he said.

In the videotape, the terror leader, an Egyptian, criticized Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood for its participation in last year’s parliamentary elections, saying they were «duped, provoked and used» by America, who he said controlled the polls.

«My Muslim nation, you will not enjoy free elections, protected sanctity, governments which are being called to account by the people and a respectable judiciary unless you are free from the crusader-Zionist occupation and the corrupted governments, and this will not be fulfilled but with Jihad,» he said.

En amerikansk tjenestemann sa at de må sjekke om personen på videoen er Zawahiri. Det virker ikke spesielt tillitvekkende. Videoen er vist over hele verden, og ingen kunne være i tvil om hvem det var. Det har for øvrig aldri skjedd at Al Qaida-ledelsen har forsøkt å bløffe om hvem avsenderen er.

al-Qaida Touts U.S. Troop Cuts in Iraq