To serbiske TV-stasjoner viste torsdag en video av serbiske spesialstyrker som myrder seks unge bosniere utenfor Srebrenica. Soldatene hadde selv filmet drapene. Åtte av dem ble øyeblikkelig gjenkjent og arrestert.

Filmen gjør spesielt inntrykk i et land der over halvparten av befolkningen nekter for at det var noe Srebrenica.

President Boris Tadic went on national television to tell Serbs the pictures were proof of the «monstrous» crimes committed in Serbia’s name during the Yugoslav wars — crimes for which many senior Serbs are already convicted or on trial by The Hague tribunal.

«Those seen in these pictures committing murder were free men until yesterday. They were walking our streets,» a visibly shaken Tadic said on state television. They must face justice, he added.

It (the film) began with a Serb Orthodox priest blessing the camouflaged paramilitary troops in a boot camp in Bosnia.

The film showed members of a paramilitary group called the Scorpions taking six emaciated young men out of a truck with their hands tied behind their backs. They are led to a clearing where at least three are seen being shot at close range.

The faces of the perpetrators can be seen and their insults to the scared young Muslims can be clearly heard. The film was shot by a member of the Scorpions.

B-92 television said additional footage of two youths who were taken to a house and tortured before being killed was not shown because it was too disturbing. (reuters)