-Frankrike minner på mange måter om USA på 60-tallet, da gettoene ble neglisjert til de eksploderte. Slik uttrykker en fransk forretningsmann av algerisk opprinnelse seg til FT.

In Mr Sabeg’s view, the racial, social and economic tensions in France today almost compare with the situation in the US during the 1960s that led to the eruption of race riots.

«France is a bizarre society. It is a country which proclaims liberty and equality and solidarity. But it is a France that has been constructed for the whites, not for the minorities,» he says.

«It is a country which is extremely unequal and discriminatory. Unemployment is exceptionally high among the immigrants and in ethnic ghettos. That is dangerous.»

Den 8. mars utspant deg seg scener i Paris gater som illustrerer spådommen på den mest dystre måte. Mellom 800 og 1.000 ungdommer av afrikansk og arabisk opprinnelse angreprundt 9.000 demonstrerende gymnasiaster, og robbet dem for mobiltelefoner og penger. Gymnasiastene ble ansett som fritt vilt av ungdommen fra de fattige bydelene. De kulturelle motsetningene som følge av dette kan man bare tenke seg.

En tilsvarende demonstrasjon en uke senere hadde et sterkt sikkerhetsopplegg. Likevel hadde oppslutningen sunket til 6.000 deltakere.

«Hundreds of young rioters from poor Paris suburbs disrupted the demonstration on March 8, beating teenagers to the ground and stealing mobile telephones and cameras. …
Le Monde newspaper carried disturbing interviews with attackers and victims in last week’s trouble – both sides agreeing that the violence was exclusively carried out on white boys and girls by black and Arab teenagers.
«If I went, it was not to demonstrate but to take telephones and beat people up. There were groups of people running about stirring things up, and in the middle these idiots – these little French people just asking for it,» an 18-year-old of Tunisian origin called Heikel said.
«We came to demonstrate against inequalities and we got beaten up. It’s as if they thought that we – the «white Parisians » – had plenty of money, that we could buy a new mobile phone tomorrow,» said Tristan Goldbronn, 16, who was badly hurt.
Police estimated that between 700 and 1,000 youngsters came into the city centre to spoil the March 8 demonstration, most of them from the Seine-Saint-Denis department in the northern suburbs.
Heikel, who attends a secondary school in the area, told Le Monde that the 2_kommentarly white Parisian students who took part in the march – known in street parlance as «bolos» – were seen as spoilt and privileged, and therefore fair game.
«A bolo – he’s a sitting duck, a victim,» he said.»

«It is the symptom of a real struggle between two worlds,» sociologist Dominique Pasquier told the newspaper.

«Those who feel they are being relegated by the system want to take it out on those who they feel are privileged. In some establishments the split can turn into a real confrontation between whites and immigrants,» he said.

Union escort for protesting Paris students