Mannen som shiaene har utpekt til statsministerkandidat er dagens finansminister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi.

Det er interessant at han har vært to ganger i USA den senere tid, og amerikanerne kommer ikke til å legge hindringer i veien. Iran støtter valget i Irak helhjertet, mens for eksempel Jordan krever utsettelse.

USA er altså forberedt på at den dominerende partikoalisjonen blir en som har gode forbindelser til erkefienden Iran. (AP)

«Sistani’s blessing of the rival ticket is crucial. Shiites make up about 60 percent of the country’s estimated 25 million people, and most revere the Iranian-born cleric. Allawi, on the other hand, lacks a broad power base, having spent so many years abroad.

Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim, a Shiite cleric who leads Iraq’s largest Shiite political party, heads the Sistani-backed ticket, but is not seeking the job of prime minister. Finance Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, a senior member of Hakim’s Supreme Council of the Islamic Revolution in Iraq, is the designated candidate for the job.

Abdul-Mahdi worked with the Americans who directly ruled Iraq for 14 months until last June, and according to diplomats who know him, he’s a seasoned politician who has reached out to Kurds and Sunni Arabs.

Senior Shiite figures, speaking on condition of anonymity, said Abdul-Mahdi’s chances of becoming prime minister have improved after two visits to Washington over the past few months, when he met with President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.»