In this Tuesdays Document Specials we meet with co-funder of Canadian Frontline Nurses and freedom-fighter Kristen Nagle, whom is fighting several legal battles for living up to the pledge she took as a nurse. Nagle recently got fined 10 000 dollars for attending a service at the controversial Church of God in Aylmer, Ontario in April last year.

Nagle faced three investigations for speaking up against Canadas unethical, unscientific and non-evidence based public health measures, restrictions and mandates imposed on the Canadian population. She faced slander and persecution, and she’s used as an example for students at nursing schools, an example of what not to do, while The College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) has threatened to revoke her nursing license. Nagle has been deemed a domestic terrorist and been investigated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

After everything she’s endured so far, Nagle keeps on fighting for her freedom. Welcome to this Tuesday’s special:


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