Britiske myndigheter krever at helsepersonell har nakne armer til albuen for ikke å spre smitte. Men i slutten av mars gjorde myndighetene et unntak for muslimske leger og sykepleiersker. De får lov å dekke til armene av religiøse grunner, og til det formål blir det laget spesielle løse ermer som kan skiftes ut.

Minette Marrin i Sunday Times finner det underlig at man gir slike religiøse unntak, til bare en gruppe.

At the end of March it emerged that female Muslim doctors and nurses are indeed to have special treatment on National Health Service wards. Non-Muslim staff in direct contact with patients must keep their arms bare to the elbow for important hygiene reasons — to make sure their sleeves do not become contaminated and so they can wash their hands thoroughly on ward rounds.

Their Muslim female counterparts, however, have been given a special dispensation by the Department of Health. Because some Muslims consider nudity of the female forearm to be immodest, Muslim doctors and nurses are to be issued with disposable sleeves, elasticated at wrist and elbow, to cover up the erogenous zone that lies between. This is absurd, unfair, wasteful and yet another example, as Chaplin and her episcopal supporters (and I) all feel, of the bias in favour of a vociferous religious minority.

Religious tolerance has put a fatwa on our moral nerve