Sakset/Fra hofta

Legevitenskapen er en av de felt muslimer historisk har grunn til å være stolte av. Derfor går det på selvbildet løs når leger deltar i masseterror, skriver Michael Binyon.

Men det er ikke noe nytt at islamistene rekrutterer blant høyt utdannede: det har særlig vært blant folk med realfag: bin Laden er ingeniør, og Zawahiri barnelege. En rekke andre har legebakgrunn, som stifterne av Hamas.

The involvement of at least six doctors and medical students in the London and Glasgow bomb plots has come as a double shock to most Muslims. Not only does it besmirch their religion by associating it with terrorism, but it also insults the pride that Muslims take in the achievements of their golden age, especially in the fields of medicine, surgery and pharmacology. Medicine owes more to Islam than to any other religion or philosophy. It was the great Muslim physicians of Spain and the Middle East who laid the foundations for today’s science; it was the writings and medical observations of scholars such as Ibn Rushd (Averroes, as he was known in Europe) and Ibn Sina (Avicenna) that led directly to the medical advances of the past nine centuries.

The names of these scholars are still familiar to educated Muslims, even if their works are no longer studied. Today medicine remains one of the most admired professions for a young Muslim man – and, increasingly, for women. Ambitious families encourage their children to aim for a career in medicine. The result is that all Muslim countries that have become rich have made the provision of universal health care a top priority, and in many countries there are now more medical graduates than jobs available. This is why doctors trained in the Middle East (especially in Iraq) are among the largest group of emigrants to Europe, where they know they can find work.

Why medical schools provide Islamic extremists with fertile recruiting grounds