sin Facebook-side skriver Tommy Robinson:

The real Tommy Robinson – Episode 1 of a 3 (Grooming Gangs)
This is NOT the #Panodrama documentary that I will be showing on the 23rd Feb. This is a different video in 3 parts that was put together by a guy called Paul Burgess because he likes the truth. Thank you, Paul, for your time & effort on this. Episode 2 will follow.


Her er traileren til #Panodrama (BBC har en serie som heter Panorama). John Sweeney fra BBC Panorama omtaler folk fra arbeiderklassen som kannibaler fra jungelen.

Tommy skriver:

It’s clearly evident that the establishment and the elites despise the working class. They view us as thugs or chavs. This is your chance to hear the utter contempt straight from the horse’s mouth. This is John Sweeney of BBC Panorama describing the working class as CANNIBALS from a jungle!


Kjøp Alexander Graus “Hypermoral” fra Document Forlag her!