Mokhtar Belmokhtar, mannen bak angrepet på In Amenas-anlegget i Algerie, er ikke drept, slik meldinger for en tid tilbake påsto. Han er utnevnt til ny leder for den al-Qaida tilknyttede gruppen Al Murabitoon. LongWarJournal.org.


A statement attributed to Al Murabitoon, an al Qaeda group that operates in North and West Africa, was published online earlier today. The message

says that Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a veteran jihadist who is openly loyal to Ayman al Zawahiri, has been selected by members of Al Murabitoon’s shura (advisory council) to serve as their leader.

Al Murabitoon er en sammensmelting av to jihadgrupper:

His men have always been a key constituency within the joint venture, which was formed when Belmokhtar’s Al Mulathameen Brigade and the Movement for Unity and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO) merged in August 2013.

Men jihadbevegelsen i Sahel-beltet og Maghreb opplever rivalisering og splittelse mellom al-Qaida og IS.

Al Murabitoon’s loyalty to al Qaeda was briefly questioned in May when Adnan Abu Walid al Sahrawi, a MUJAO spokesman, swore allegiance to the Islamic State’s Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. Sahrawi claimed that all of Al Murabitoon had followed suit, switching its fealty to al Qaeda’s staunch rival.

It quickly became apparent that the audio message attributed to Sahrawi was not accurate, however, as Belmokhtar released a statement of his own saying that Al Murabitoon remained in al Qaeda’s camp.