Fransk politi arresterte søndag en fransk-algirer rett før han skulle gå til angrep på en eller to kirker i Paris.

Gjerningsmannen var en 24 år gammel dataingeniør-student. Politiet oppdaget ved en tilfeldighet at han hadde våpen i bilen. Da de dro hjem til ham fant de et helt arsenal og detaljerte planer om å angripe kirker.

Le Monde skriver at han hadde planlagt å slå til samme dag.

French anti-terror police believe they have foiled an ‘imminent» terrorist attack against «one, maybe two churches» in Paris, the interior minister revealed on Wednesday.

«A terrorist attack was foiled on Sunday morning,» said France’s interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve in an impromptu media briefing.

Cazeneuve revealed announced that a 24-year-old computer science student, of French Algerian origins, was arrested on Sunday in possession of a significant arsenal of weapons. It is believed he was intending to carry out an attack that very day.

«On Sunday morning in the 13th arrondissement of Paris the police discovered an arsenal in his car and at his home composed of several military weapons,» said Cazeneuve.

«Documents were also found that showed without doubt that the suspect was planning to carry out an imminent attack,» Cazeneuve added.

«He was immediately taken into custody for questioning,» he added.

According to reports in Le Monde newspaper it appears the attack, planned for the same day, was only thwarted by complete chance.

Det hele begynte med at han ringte etter ambulanse søndag morgen. Til ambulansefolkene fortalte han en så forvirrende historie at de ble mistenksomme og varslet politiet. Politiet fulgte blodspor tilbake til bilen hans og der fant de et Kalasjnikov-type automatvåpen som de mente var stjålet fra politiet.


Officers arrested him and then carried searches of his student accommodation which unearthed several more automatic weapons as well as bullet-proof vests. A map detailing the locations of all Paris police stations was also found, BFM TV reported.

It is believed he wanted to strike against churches in the suburb of Villejuif, to the south of the city.

The man was known to intelligence services after coming on their radar when making enquiries about leaving for Syria.

He was placed under surveillance in 2014 and 2015, although nothing untoward was discovered during that period.

The man is also suspected of the mysterious killing of a young female dance enthusiast in the Paris suburb of Villejuif.