Islamistene i Bangladesh løser konflikter på sin egen måte. Nok en blogger er hakket i hjel. Den andre på kort tid. Oyasiqur Rahman ble drept med store kniver nær sitt hjem i Dhaka. Politiet har arrestert studenter fra en madrassa i nærheten.

Det har vært en rekke slike dødelige overfall på mennesker som ytrer kritiske meninger om religiøse fanatikere. Flere er arrestert, men ingen eer dømt. Det tyder på at myndighetene ikke tør eller vil legge seg ut med kreftene som står bak volden.

Monday morning, blogger Oyasiqur Rahman was attacked by three men with large knives in the streets near his Dhaka home. Police arrested two suspects at the scene, identified as students at two separate madrassas — or religious schools.  Police are hunting a third man who escaped.  Authorities said the two arrestees confessed to killing Rahman because of his religious writings.

Rahman, who worked in a travel agency, was not professional journalist, but he did use a variety of pseudonyms to post comments and articles by other writers critical of religious extremism.  On Facebook, he used the name Oyasiqur Babu, and he had recently changed his profile picture to the hashtag #Iamavijit, in honor of prominent Bangladeshi-American writer and blogger Avijit Roy, an atheist who, as RePRESSed earlier reported, was killed in a similar attack in late February.


Bangladesh has seen a spate of such attacks in recent years, almost all of them over religious issues.

In January 2013, blogger Asif Mohiuddin, who also criticized religious fundamentalism, was stabbed but did not die.

In February 2013, blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider was hacked to death by members of an Islamist militant group called the Ansarullah Bengali Team. Later the same year, Islamist groups called for the execution of bloggers they said had committed blasphemy. While arrests were made after those murders, there have been no convictions.