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Forsker Myriam Benraad ved Paris Science Po universitetet, som har studert terrorceller i Paris, varsler om at en kjent terrorcelle har våknet til liv. Hun sier vi kan forvente flere angrep.

Terroristene som angrep Charlie Hedbo og nå holder gisler på to forskjellige steder kom fra en gruppe som kaller seg Buttes-Charmont. Navnet har de fra den lokale parken hvor de trente. Kouachi-brødrene, Amedy Coulibaly og de andre involverte terroristene ble rekruttert av Farid Benyettou i Addawa moskéen.

 She said: «Coulibaly is part of the same group as the Kouachi brothers. They were part of the same neighbourhood.

«This would confirm this has not been a lone wolf attack. It is the awakening of the terror cell of an old network to jihadi calls to wage war against France. I believe it is in response to calls by Isil for French extremists to carry out attacks on their home soil.

«I think this is just the start.

«I studied Farid Benyettou’s cell in 2005 when Cherif Kouachi failed to get to Syria.

«This cell consisted of no more than 20 people, three others have been imprisoned, not included these three men.

«The leader of the mosque would have guided them initially before they came under Benyettou’s charismatic spell. He was the first major influence for Cherif and the second was meeting terrorist Djamel Beglal while in prison.


Djamel Beglal


«He really radicalised him and he then influenced his brother and others.

«The Buttes-Charmont network shows a profile of similar radicalised young men. The members mainly from the neighbourhood and the local mosque.

«These attacks mean they had a plan for waging attacks in the country.

This network sent men to Syria and Iraq in 2005 and has remained dormant until now and reawoken. It never disappeared. These are boys from the ghetto who have been ostracised from society and felt deprived and unwanted and have been vulnerable to being radicalised and being promised a better life. Like the Kouachi brothers they were abandoned by their parents or neglected and did feel integrated into society and have felt stigmatised as Muslims in France.

«Cherif was obsessed with jihad and kept that obsession for 10 years before this week.»

De to brødrene var på USAs «no-fly»-liste, kjent av britisk etterretning og til og med Algerie hadde advart Frankrike om de to. Men hvor lang er Frankrikes liste over potensielle terrorister? Hvor mange kan de holde under konstant overvåkning?

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