Den selvutnevnte emiren som bidro til radikaliseringen av den yngste av Kouachi-brødrene, Cherif, fordømmer massakren på det sterkeste.



Farid Benyettou arbeidet ironisk nok som sykepleirlæring på sykehuset hvor mange av de drepte og sårede ble kjørt onsdag 7. januar. Han sa hverken dette angrepet eller det på jøder, kunne forsvares ut fra islam. – De var mordere, rene og skjære, sa han. Han var villig til å forklare seg om kontakten mot ikke å bli identifisert. Sykehuset tok ham av vaktlistene for at han skulle slippe å arbeide med ofrene for tidligere kamerater.

Farid Benyettou (32) said that he had mentored Cherif Kouachi, the younger of the terrorist brothers, for around two months.

He said: ‘He came unexpectedly. He wanted discussion. With him it was always the same topic….

‘It all turned around combat. He was fascinated by that – his knowledge of the religion was limited to that. Having a good relationship with his neighbours, the behaviour of Muslims in every day life, he had no idea about.

‘And the relationship with God did not interest him. He was someone very, very stubborn. I told him I could not agree with what he was saying about violence and that it was probably the worst crime a Muslim could commit.

‘He seemed to change his stance, accept criticism. Nothing could have seen what was to come.’

Then in a passionate defence of France he said: ‘Some think that France oppresses Muslims. I am proof to the contrary. Yes I have a criminal record – terrorist written on it.

‘I think this is the worst thing to happen yet despite this, doors have been open for me.

‘I was given help, never been discriminated against. On the contrary.’

Benyettou was radicalised after the arrest of his brother, Youssef Zemmouri in 1998 when security forces dismantled the Parisian Salafist Group.

Self taught he became an ’emir’ and taught theology courses.

He was arrested along with six others in 2005 for helping to send jihadists to Iraq after the US invasion.

Three years later, then aged 27, he was sentenced to six years in prison and release in 2011.