Kvinnen som ble halshogd i London var 82 år gamle Palmira Silva. Den 25 år gamle mannen som drepte henne hadde hogd løs på en bil og kappet hodet av en katt, ifølge øyevitner.

Politiet tror at mannen også forsøkte å angripe to andre personer på en annen adresse i Nightingale Road, men at disse unnslapp.

En teori sies å være at mannen kan ha blitt inspirert av drapene på de to journalistene i Syria.

Drapsmannen sies å være fra lokalmiljøet og det hevdes at kan konverterte til islam for ett år siden.

One line of inquiry for detectives is now understood to be whether the man had been inspired by recent footage of the Isil beheadings of two US journalists in Syria.

Locals last night claimed the arrested man had converted to Islam last year.


Palmira Silva

Catering worker Freda Odame, 30, said she heard a commotion and pulled back her curtains and saw a black man aged in his mid 20s.

“Someone was shouting and the door was banging. I could hear the screaming but I could not hear what he was saying,” she said.

«I could see that he had a big curved knife, about the size of an arm’s length and he was crouching as if frantically searching for something.

«He had a crazed look in his eyes so I closed my curtains because I was scared. My next door neighbour was in his garden but did not seem to realise anything was going on.

«I have seen him around here all the time, I think he lives on the road, He has a grey car and I think he lives with his family.

«I was just so very scared. Five minutes after I heard him screaming the police knocked on my door and told me I had to get out.”


Sjokkerte naboer

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