En mann utstyrt med to kniver gikk amok i to helsesentra i Øst-London og såret tre mennesker onsdag.

Three people have been stabbed in a knife attack at two separate health centres in east London.

Witnesses described a man with greasy hair and entering Tredegar Practice in St Stephen’s Road, Tower Hamlets, with what is understood to be two knives.

Angrepet virket helt umotivert. Vitner forteller om forferdelige scener. Blod på gulvet, raserte rom.

One witness to the bloodshed, who asked not to be named, described how a man in a camouflage jacket started attacking patients in the waiting room at random.

«He lunged towards me and then stepped backwards,» she said. «I only saw him attack the one guy.

«He had greasy hair, glasses and he had a camouflage coat at that that point. It was completely random. He was waving the knife at anybody.

«One guy in particular stood up and tried to stop him and he got cut. I think he was trying to diffuse it and he stabbed him.  He has saved people, really.»

Samme scene utspant seg på det andre helsesenteret

As the water engineer, who asked not to be name, pulled up in his vehicle, a man ran out of the door on the phone to 999.

«He just said there was a man in there bearing two knives and he stabbed a lady, apparently she was quite old and her daughter came screaming round the corner saying ‘that’s my mum’. I was told she was in her 60s or 70s.

A man was then led out by police wearing what was described as «Speedos».


Three people stabbed as man with multiple knives attacks two separate east London health centres

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